Gems amongst the gravel


Letters to the Editor. In the hands of many, whiny opinion pieces issued from Joe Citizen’s personal Complaints Department happy to finally find a home. In the hands of a few – poetry!

This one, taken from a recent issue of the Brisbane-Australia Saturday newspaper inserted QWEEKEND MAGAZINE recalls the nostalgic wonder and simplicity of small country town driving tests from yesteryear –

“Mel Buttle’s column pertaining to driving reminded me of when I obtained my license. I lived in a little country town, where the sole police officer tested my driving skills. I was required to drive in the main street where there was one car parked – “not enough for a reverse park”, so I was directed to drive on to find a hill for a hill start, not seeing another car along the way. Upon returning to the main street, the status quo remained. “Just make sure you can do a reverse park, OK?” the police officer said,as I was handed my license.”       Pam McGahey, Mount Samson


In The Beginning


The second last day of the year and I’m stepping forth to begin a brand new blog?

Seems like as good a time as any with the added bonus of an ever so slight hint of irony thrown in for good measure. Stand back and man the torpedos. Another writer’s blog is underway!