A Very Moving Experience


Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! (with downward glide)

Pardon me if my exhale came close to knocking you over with its force.

What that is is the sound of me finally expunging  releasing  letting go a huge, well-earned, relieved sigh that the whole thing is finally over.

What whole thing?

The months upon months of dealing with real estate agents, finance brokers, lawyers, banks, every sub-species of tradie you can name from plasterers, electricians and plumbers to roof tilers, retaining wall builders and glass repairers and at least a dozen guys named ‘Mick’, utility companies, removalist firms, skip-hire outfits that specify ‘mattresses go on top like the last layer of a cake’ and a literal army of other assorted professionals and people that entered our world for the time it took us to look for, find, buy and move into our new house and move out of our old house – that’s what ‘whole thing’.

Wanna see?

Course you do!


Wanna see inside?

Course you do!






If you happened to have stumbled on this site somehow by accident for the very first time, no, this is not another real estate blog.  What this is is Glen unashameably for the first and only time displaying the spoils of his hunt. And my what a hunt it was! Every weekend for three solid months. One firm offer made on a two-story house that fell short because of a last-minute glitch at the finance end. And popping bubble wrap just to relief the stress of it all.

In fact an on-line search just now under the heading “Top Ten Life Stressors” puts ‘Moving house’ right alongside divorce, death of a loved one, major illness and job loss. I’ve always thought ‘assembling furniture’  deserved to go somewhere on those type of lists as well but that’s a discussion for another day.

I think I’m fairly safe in declaring throughout my life I’ve never been the type of person who’s gone about feverishly trying to acquire ‘status symbols’ in a bid to advertise and elevate their perceived social standing. I will  however now allow myself one small concession on that front. I can now officially claim to own a house that is actually big enough and has ceilings high enough to have its own real-life echo. You heard me right. When we are in the main dining area our new house boasts a slightly surreal, cathedral-like, definite echo!

I say cool. I also say two thumbs up to that!


Probably the weirdest part of this story is that all this effort was expended to move into a house just two kilometres from and in the very same suburb as our old house. Back in primary school I had a best friend whose parents one year did exactly the same thing. I could never work out why someone would go to all the trouble to pack up their worldly belongings only to move a stone’s throw from where they originally were. I’ve waited forty years for the answer to this riddle and it finally came last week – for a better house!

Ps. As you can see from the pictures, this new house came with a pool. For a person like me who’s never owned a swimming pool before, the week-long experience of nursing it back to clear and sparkling health – courtesy of $500 worth of serious-sounding chemicals and hired technical expertise to get the salt-chlorinator back on its feet – from the swamp green colour it was on the day we moved in (thanks previous owners!) was something I wouldn’t want to go through again.

It’s also comedy/drama-riddled enough to warrant a blog post completely on its own sometime in the near future. There may even be a Powerpoint Presentation. 

Consider yourself warned!

15 Argle Place


17 thoughts on “A Very Moving Experience

  1. Glen,
    I am SO jealous right now! Congratulations!!! Although it sounds like a horrendous ordeal, the end result looks amazing. And a pool??? You have hit the BIG time friend. Well done! I look forward to the PowerPoint!!! 😂😂😂


  2. Thanks Shannon.
    At the age of 52 it’s now or never for a lot of things for me.
    Keep in mind the pictures I’ve posted of the interior are from the real estate company’s website. All the lux furniture you can see belonged to the previous owner. The second we moved in, with our flea-bitten Ikea discards collection of knick knacks and homey 1980’s era decor I reckon we knocked off a cool $50 000 from the valuation of the place straight up!

    It still feels like we’re living in a hotel actually. The bathrooms in particular have that look and feel to them. I am partial though to the echo.
    That’s my current fave (until it winds up giving me a headache!)

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  3. Congratulations ! This one looks like some very-well-to-do family’s home 🙂 and I’m glad you have got it, swimming pool included, and despite all the effort and stress involved.
    I’ve got amazed to know the top life stressors you mention… because I am into all of them now: divorce (in fact just breaking with my partner, since we were not married, but anyway…), death of a loved one, major illness and job loss. And I’m getting near to home loss and moving mess as well : ) I suppose I should stab my heart once and again with a big knife. But I won’t. ((a Hug))


    • Going through multiple upheavals at the same time is a stress cocktail that should only be allowed on an SAS entrance test. They say the way to tackle any problem is to break it down into more manageable pieces. But when you’ve got a number of problems on the go at once … gosh that’s a tough life gig no one would want.
      From what book of cliches should I quote?
      1. Tough times don’t last but tough people do?
      2. You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf?
      3. However hot the sun it will never dry the sea?

      All of them seem vaguely insulting from a person on the sidelines directed at a person who’s in the thick of it. All I can say Lixie is at times like this you need friends and family and I hope you’ve got both.

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      • ❤ !!
        I am not tough (quite flimsy, in fact) but I want to last and get better, You may be sure.
        I have some friends and a daughter (all my family), even if I am avoiding them now, but I rely on some of them.
        I thank you much for your concern and kindness 🙂

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  4. My husband would LOVE your new house. He LOVES big, bright rooms with lots of windows where he claims he would NEVER put any curtains or blinds. Ha. I don’t think so! But, yeah…what an accomplishment. It’s beautiful. Oh, and one more stressful life thing, evidently: Buying a boat/selling a boat. It’s apparently a huge Tums-popping situation, too, like the ones you named.
    Anyway…enjoy. I will have a beer (or several) in your honor tonight.

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