Rogues Gallery more like it.

Though please carry on.

Curiosity got you here.


And as the wise person once spoke – “Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.”


Here I am at the book signing launch of my autobiography WALTER MITTY AND ME.  Crowds turned up about 30 minutes after I left.


Another half step to my right would have been good.

Kung Fu Panda

On location for filming of KUNG FU PANDA 5.


You have to admit I did try to warn you about the Rogues Gallery.

Opera House

My icon shot. I should try smiling every now and then right? Maybe even show some teeth?


Home run me – and I don’t even play baseball!


No wonder those flashbacks to ‘Nam seem so real. Me, a long time ago.. obviously. (Still no teeth)


Ridiculous I know. Childish? In the extreme. Embarassing?  Hell yeah. But somebody had to welcome that ship ashore. This is the photo they tried to ban, or at least advise me not to show. Did I listen?


Teeth. Gnashing Teeth. Finally!


‘Give me the file on this guy. I wanna know who he is – what he does – where he grew up – who his associates are – habits – distinguishing marks –  history – how many ice-cubes he puts in his drinks – everything! What? Whaddaya mean I haven’t got that level of clearance?’

Money Shot 2

#Hashtag#   The Money Shot   (PS. What’s a hashtag?)